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     Astrology is a science based on the astronomical positions of the heavenly bodies and on long centuries of traditional studies of apparent influences. It allows us to gain an understanding of present and past and, based on that understanding, helps us to make the best use of future opportunities. A natal chart is a picture taken of the universe at the moment of our birth. This picture is the basis of our entire life, revealing our challenges as well as our abilities. We can rightly say that Astrology is a science that gives us self-knowledge.

      Self-knowledge is recognizing what we really are. To discover what we really are, we have to eliminate the "image" we have created about ourselves. In other words, we have to free ourselves.

     That is why at some time or another we all feel a compelling need to be FREE, but free of what? To understand this question, we must analyze our mind. The mind is not only where thought takes place, but also emotions. The activities of the mind, thought and emotion, create over time certain tendencies that we call habits.

     Habits, based on our acceptances and rejections, resistances and indulgences, encounters and endurances, constitute both our positive and our negative reactions. These reactions are the defense mechanisms we develop to meet the challenges of life. They supply us with the standard with which we measure life. This standard not only contains the norm that we use to measure life but also the action to deal with challenges. As time passes, we identify ourselves more and more with this standard until we are unable to see life without it. In fact, we can rightly say that these habits become our nature or, better said, our acquired nature.

     An Astrological chart is a map delineating our psychological makeup or acquired nature. Astrology reconnects our inner with the outer world, and by doing so enables us to take control of our lives and to fully develop our potential.