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Astrology and Astronomy until a few hundred of years ago were a single science, and people used them to help themselves understand nature as well as their own psyches. It was not until 300 years ago that Astrology and Astronomy branched apart, basically due to the lack of understanding of so-called scientific minds.

Today we can see the results of such a split. Even though we understand and control nature to a point that was inconceivable a few years ago, psychologically we are no better off than we were 2000 years ago. On the contrary, in many ways we could say that our levels of stress and isolation are much worse today.

Ancient people used stories to convey the inner teachings related to Man and the Universe. Such stories allowed them to reveal as well as to conceal inner teachings.

One of the stories is the myth of Uranus. In the beginning there was Chaos, from which came Gaia, the goddess of Earth. Gaia gave birth to Uranus (or Ouranus), who also became her mate. Uranus, who was the god of the sky, mated with Gaia, who then gave birth to many beings, among which were the Cyclops and the Titans. But Uranus, being the god of the sky, did not like any of his offspring because they were too human, not divine like him. Gaia, upset with such behavior, convinced her son Saturn, also known as Cronos, to help her. Saturn castrated Uranus with a sickle and threw his genitals into the sea, where Aphrodite (Venus) was born. From Uranus's blood spilled on the ground, the goddesses of vengeance, the Furies—envious anger, retaliation, and never-ending ness--were born.

We are all very familiar with the fact that each time that we intend any behavioral change, Uranus's energy will try to stop us. First, the inertia of the past, Saturn's energy, intervenes. If that does not work, the Furies appear. They may be inside or outside ourselves, and the only way to conquer them is through love, Venus's energy.

In this story, Uranus represents change in ourselves, in other words, individualization. This is the energy that compels us to better and improve ourselves.

This story, as well as many others, gives a clear indication of the understanding ancient peoples had of the cycles and influences of the celestial objects on nature as well as on human beings.